Our little studio is our most used and versatile space.  This room is capable of everything from Media Transfers, Mastering, Preliminary Arrangement and everything in between.  We have a medium sized isolation room and can rig the space up to accommodate a full band recording live if required.

Although the control room could also be known as “Tony’s Garage” no effort or expense has been spared to make this room sound as good and function as well as it possibly can.

Our Little Studio

The complete Recording process (Tracking, Mixing & Mastering) has been our passion for more than 10 years.  It compliments our expensive hobby of putting the quality of sound (or a sound) above all things else.

Usually we try and keep the vibe pretty casual in the studio.  We prefer to have a bit of fun, and enjoy the projects we take on.  We only record original material.

We are happy to take on the odd corporate job (eg VO Work) and also do a lot of media transfers.

If your interested in utilising one of our spaces, drop in and say hello sometime.

This room features our beloved Amek Langley Recall, Sony APR-24 2” Machine w/Dolby A, Studer 1/2 track master recorder, Ethan Winer designed acoustics, loads of space

From the most modest handheld rig to the Digico MADI Multitrack extravaganza, We have many options and lots of experience in recording “Out and About”  Give us a call to discuss your project in detail.

Location Recording
Recent Work

Singin’ Shoes - Pete Denahy

    Country Music Awards of Australia - Golden Guitar 2016

The Northern Folk

Cotton Eyed Joe - Pete Denahy

    Country Music Awards of Australia - Golden Guitar 2014

Tonal Place - SOQ

I’m a No One EP - MC MJD

Wishbone Road - Pete Denahy

    Country Music Awards of Australia - Golden Guitar 2013

    Indigo Shire Heritage Gold Award

Not a note wasted - Luke R Davies & Recycled String Band

    National Film and Sound Archive - National Folk Recording Award

Pure Meditation - Clare Evans

Suicide Watch Mixtape V1 - Heidi’s Cray CoLab

On the road with Captain Pete - Peter Klein

Soundcraft Studio Console

Otari 1/2 Track Master Recorder

Otari 1” Multitrack

Quested & JBL Monitoring

AMEK 9098 Pres & Comps

Pultec PEQ1A Repro

Large and Exotic Mic Selection

Experienced Engineers

AMEK Langley Recall Console

Studer 1/2 Track Master Recorder

Sony 2” Multitrack w/Dolby A

JBL Monitoring

Ethan Winer designed acoustics

Large Professional Portable recorder selection

Large and Exotic Mic Selection

Experienced Engineers